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WEDCO is truly an entrepreneurial life saver!

After we both were "outsourced from Corporate America" (Connie with 31 years with the same company and myself with 26) we realized we needed to re-invent ourselves.

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Transfer Your Technology Needs to a Qualified Consultant

In many ways, navigating the world of information technology (IT) has never been easier. Websites that once required extensive programming and development can now be created within hours using WordPress and other technologies. You can pick up a Wi-Fi router and be online from anywhere in your facility the same day. The proliferation of hardware—PCs, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices—allows you to make purchases based on price as well as capability.

Not all aspects of IT are so easily mastered, however. Things like internal networks, servers, and Internet support require a certain level of expertise. Then there’s the matter of system maintenance and troubleshooting problems when they arise.

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Collecting Customer Feedback in the Digital Age

Offering customers what they want in order to boost sales may seem like a no-brainer. And finding that valuable information is just as easy. All you have to do is ask them.

Over the years, many tools have been employed to gather customer feedback, from mail-in surveys to simply asking a few questions after the purchase. The emergence of the Internet-based shopping and interaction has given rise to a host of new and convenient tools such as the online survey.

Services such as Survey Monkey (www.surveymonkey.com) make simple surveys as easy and convenient to create as they are for customers to answer.  To get the most from you survey, Survey Monkey recommends these guidelines:.

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Time for a Change in Your Time Management Practices

“If only I had more time….”

That’s a common lament among small business owners. And no wonder. With so many responsibilities associated with running and growing a successful enterprise, plus professional and personal commitments, 24 hours in a day just doesn’t seem enough sometimes.

Good time management is obviously important to getting everything done. But it’s also vital to your physical health. Repeated stretches of long hours takes a toll on your body, and makes you more vulnerable to illness. Your efficiency and focus are also compromised so that the more you do, the less you really get done.

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Networking: Know What to Say, and When to Say It

Experts agree that networking is a must for every small business owner. Few other tools are more effective in building visibility about you and your business, and gaining access to potential customers, colleagues, and referrals.

But while we may be absolutely brilliant at what we do as entrepreneurs, not everyone is a born networker. Social situations can be intimidating, especially when you’re just starting out, and the knowledge that many other people have may be equally uncomfortable in these settings is rarely much comfort.

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Brand Your Small Business to Make a Lasting Impression

Consumers today are increasingly bombarded with information, yet have less and less time to process it.

That's why every small business needs a brand—a fundamental message or impression about its products or services that punches through the clutter and anchors itself in the customer's memory.

Just how important is branding to a small business? Longtime marketing consultant and SCORE mentor
Mike Scotto says it can create a loyal following of customers, and build a solid customer base for the business now and in the future.

"It's always easier and more cost effective to sell to an existing customer than it is in attracting a new one," he says.

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