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PLC Construction of Farmington Inc. would like to express sincere gratitude to the Wentworth Economic Development Corporation.

PLC ConstructionThroughout the past year we were able to work closely with them to secure lending for our newly established construction company.  The loan we secured will enable us to purchase some much needed equipment which in turn will allow us to expand the services we are able to offer to customers and therefore increase our sales revenue.  Additionally, WEDCO was instumental in assisting our company with finding a bank that would also be willing to work with us as a start up company to secure a line of credit we could use for operating expenses as needed.  WEDCO was also very helpful in working with us to ensure we completed the necessary paperwork, revenue projections and personal finance statemens as requested for both lenders, as this process was new territory for us as first time business owners.  We are very grateful to have such a wonderful source in the lakes region to work with.  Had it not been for WEDCO we likely would be just beginning this process now (eight months later) having just received our fist year tax return, which is what most lenders want to see when it comes to start up companies.

Thank you WEDCO!


Carl Haines and Nicolas Johnson Jr.


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