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Are you ready to create your business or grow your existing business?  WEDCO is here to help.

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Step 1

Please sign the service agreement below.  It is non-binding to you, but does allow us to access funding for your free technical support and it is a necessary step to even greater opportunities with us as a partner.

Great job and congratulations on your first step to a brighter business future.

We will contact you upon receipt of your service agreement for free consultation as to the next steps.

If you are unsure about filling out the service agreement or have questions, just call Jack Terrill at (603) 569-4216 and get your questions answered!

Remember what’s at stake here!

Free Technical Assistance

Business Planning, Marketing, Accounting, H.R.

Business Credit Card Re-Financing

Loans for Building, Land and Equipment

Gap Financing in Support of Traditional Loans

Insured Loans for Great Ideas



Step 2

Your service agreement has to be completed first, THEN complete our online application.

Jack Terrill
Executive Director
(603) 569-4216


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